I grew up watching BET every chance I could and I miss certain shows.  I decided to take a moment and go back in time to bring you 5 BET Shows that should return to television.  I am not saying the shows were great but I think they would bring much needed value to our viewing time.

  • Rap City The Basement

    Rap City The Basement gave every hip-hop fan and artist a moment to connect with each other like none other.  With host like Big Tigger, Joe Clair, and others, the show was a must watch when I would head home from school.  The freestyles on the show were so big that it could literally affect your album sales.  There are rumors of the show may make a comeback but we'll see.  The show started in August 1989 and end in November 2008.

  • Take The Cake

    BET was ahead of its time with the interactive game show that viewers could participate in via text message and website.  Viewers could text, call, and use the website to win money while the show was broadcasting live.  With all the new technology today, BET should bring back the show and keep it around.  Take The Cake started in July 2007 and ended in November 2007.

  • BET MAAD Sports

    MAAD Sports was another sports outlet for viewers of BET Network and spoke to the African American audience.  Having athletes from all walks of sports with other entertainers was something special to see.  Other networks only covered major news but BET did that and added other sports features. MAAD Sports only lasted two year, 1998 until 2000.


  • BET Midnight Love

    I think the world is angry and upset because it does not have enough love. BET's Midnight Love should return to help increase the love in the world.  If the show were to return it should start by airing nothing but 90s R&B videos and slow integrate the new videos.

  • Teen Summit

    Out of all the shows listed, Teen Summit should return and hire me as the host. I really enjoyed the show growing up and I believe the show could be beneficial to the younger audience. Teen Summit talked about real issues young black people faced and it helped us deal with them. BET, please bring back Teen Summit.  The show started in 1989 and ended in 2002.