If you are like me then your favorite show is the "Walking Dead", and if you are a nerd like me then you have probably never missed an episode.

I have become such a fan that I have bought the first volume of the comic book (and probably will buy the second one by the time this post is on our website).

I also own the 5 episode video game and will also pre-order the new game coming out next month.

If you do not know, the comic book and T.V. show are completely different which is a good thing because that would be a major spoiler and would upset fans.This video covers 5 things that you did not know about "The Walking Dead".

This video covers some of the terminology, used by the characters in the T.V. Show as well as the comic books.

The video also explains how AMC almost didn't get the show and how other networks wanted the show under certain stipulations.

Also you will be surprised to know how one of the main actors has another special talent besides acting.

Overall if you are a "Walking Dead" fan you will definitely appreciate this.