Curtis Jackson is quickly becoming more of a bully in Hip-Hop then anything, 50 dropped another controversial track where he takes aim at Lupe Fiasco. The song is called "50's My Favorite" and features Fiddy taking a shot at Lupe's hit single, "Kick, Push". Listen to the track below and let me know what you think of 50 still trying to beef with other artist.

50's lyrics include:

"Kick Push." I mean, would 50 really be saying that sh*t now, some six years later? Hmm/I could fit your house inside my house/Then your neighbors and your yard/Oh my God/This sh*t ain't about sh*t, so I ain't gonna go hard/Now 'Kick, Push, Kick Push'/Get the f*ck outta here/'Kick, Push'/You are now being hypnotized, close your eyes and say/50's my favorite."