50 Cent returned to the Summer Jam stage for the first time in almost 10 years, and there were definitely fireworks for the fans.

50 reunited with the entire 'G-Unit' crew on stage for one part of the show.  He was brought on stage by Nas, then 50 and Fabolous teamed up for 'Cuffin Season'.

The drama really hit the stage when members of 50's entourage beat down a man trying to get at 50 on stage.

Most people think that the guy was going after 50 because of a feud that 50 has been going through with 'Slowbucks.'  There are about a million rumors why the two are feuding, but the fight may have been centered around a stolen chain.

The fight is hard to see because there are about 50 guys standing around on stage, doing absolutely nothing.