50 Cent's fans show him love during the 'Formula 50' book signing.  Traveling to New York, New Jersey, and Queens, Fifty was given a warm welcome by fans old and young.

While watching the video, you can't help but to be amazed at the acts of love fans demonstrated to Fif while getting their book signed.  Some fans showed tattoos, dropped off demo tapes, and even rapped a couple of bars for the entertainment mogul.  Fifty proves that he still has the influence that many entertainers would love to possess.

50 Cent is promoting getting fit with his new workout book.  From day one we could all tell that 50 Cent took his health seriously. Do you remember Fif working out in the 'In The Club' video?  The entertainment mogul took things further with his partnership with Vitamin Water.  Fitness is serious for Fiddy.

Do you give 50 Cent  a thumbs up in his active role in promoting fitness?