Video games do not have to be violent to cause harm to kids.  Sports games may need to be screened or the teens who try to attempt almost impossible moves.  A Florida student attempted a dunk from a video game and failed.  It is kind of funny but more so something that will leave you shaking your head.

While in the gym with his peers, the student is wearing a pair of Air Jordan 6 sneakers.  They do not help him out this time around.  After wiping off the bottom of his sole for grip, he takes off for flight.

Once he gets to the launch spot off the wall, he attempts to dunk the ball in the goal. Let us just say, this will not end well.  I don't think he foresaw how embarrassing this was going to become for him while failing in front of his peers.

Watch the failed attempt to be on the next NBA Jams and laugh or shake your head in disbelief.  Leave your response below in the comment section.