Parents just don't understand.  I don't think Will Smith had this woman in mind when he made the song years ago.  A Long Island mother was arrested after leaving her four children in the car while she grabbed a drink at the bar.  Not the best decision mom.

Maria Cepparo, of Long Island, left her four children, 13-year-old son who is autistic, 8-year-old son and twin 6-year-old daughters, in the car while she grabbed some drinks.  The police found her kids in the car with the heat off and doors unlock shortly after midnight on Sunday.  I guess Cinco De Mayo had impaired her judgement vastly.

On top of the police finding Maria's children in the car, she was illegally parked in a fire zone.  Maria's desire to 'Pour It Up' with Rihanna, got her arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.  The grandmother of the children currently has custody of the kids and probably will keep them for awhile now.

Do you think Maria should get her kids back?  If she wasn't trying to proper take care of her children especially her autistic kid, I don't think she deserves to have them back anytime soon.