This is all true, Atlanta parents are upset over Gucci Mane speaking at middle school career day.  If you are scratching your head too, you're not alone.  Parents and alumni of Atlanta Public Schools have voiced their displeasure for this year's career day speaker.

I am not sure if showing up to the school was apart of Gucci Mane's legal issues but I don't think it was a good idea.  Gucci's lyrics and time spent with the legal system upset the parents who thought someone else should have been picked to speak to their kids, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Leslie Moody was stated saying the following about her concerns of why Gucci was picked to speak to the kids.

How do you justify bringing someone who is not even at the top of his game in the rap industry?

Flint, would you be happy if Gucci Mane came to speak to your kids on Career Day?

Guccie Mane, Twitter

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