When you're quitting your job, you can either walk away gracefully or extremely drunk.  BBC Radio Host Paula White decided the later.  On Friday, May 10th, 2013, White showed up for her last day of work and couldn't finish her show due to being extremely wasted.

Paula White, host of BBC Radio Stoke afternoon show, decided to quit her job in a blaze of glory.  While clearly intoxicated on the air, a listener text the show's producer to inform them she was too drunk to talk.

White did reveal she had been drinking but firmly denied being drunk.  While on the air, White said the following,

"For the last time on lunchtime let's ssssssssssay you pick the music."

"It's a P-A-R-T-Y because I said sooooo... Some people will say, 'Oh, thank goodness she's gone.'"

"I'm not drunk, I've had a couple of drinks, I'm not drunk… I'm sad"

White's co-worker came on-air 30 minutes after she started to take over the show and inform listeners that White was not feeling well.  BBC Radio handled the incident well because they could have easily put White on blast and embarrassed her.

I have known radio personalities getting drunk on their last day at work but never to the point they could not finish their four hour shift.  I think Paula must have been extremely intoxicated.  I don't think BBC Radio were too upset because again, this happens a lot.

If you were to quit your job, how would you end it?  Would you get drunk like Paula White?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section below.