Looks like Blue Ivy will have brother or sister real soon.  Sources closes to Jay-Z and Beyonce say that the famous couple are expecting another child.  The rumors of pregnancy can now die down become looks as if things are true. 

According to E! Online, Beyonce is pregnant with the families second child.  After much speculation, seems as if things are true.  The power couple has always tried to keep their lives private but someone close to them could not keep things on the hush.

When Bey and Jigga attended the Mel Gala, people suspected she was pregnant due her stomach poking out.  Just recently, Queen Bey had canceled a show overseas which further pressured rumors to swirl.  Even Mrs. Knowles, Beyonce's mother, denied the pregnancy rumors.

Today E! Online is breaking the news that Blue Ivy will have sibling.  Congrats to Jigga and Beyonce if this is true.