Big Sean has a lot of reasons to be happy, but the two most recent are that he is now engaged to his girlfriend, Naya Rivera.  Another reason would be that Naya proved on Glee that she's not scared to get close to another girl when she shared an on screen kiss with Demi Lovato.

Naya's publicist confirmed the rumors that the happy couple were engaged after dating for the last six months. The two first contacted each other on Twitter, and after setting up a dinner date they said the rest was history.

It is odd that the announcement comes on the same night that Naya's character on Glee shares a racy kiss with Demi Lovato.  Twitter blew up after the two swapped fluids, with the hashtag #Dantana.  Even Big Sean got in on the act with this tweet.

Big Sean Twitter

On a personal note, I really hope these two work out.  Big Sean is a great dude, and one of the most humble, honest guys I've met.  There is one major red flag for me though, and it has to do with Naya's collaboration song with Big Sean, 'Sorry.'  The song itself is OK, but at the end Naya throws some jabs at Sean's ex-girlfriends.  It just seems a little tacky, don't you think?