Movember has  just come to an end, and it was a very bittersweet December 1st for me and my hairy friend.  I admit that I was very ready to shave my stache, but after 30 days of gardening I became attached to it . . . literally and figuratively.

The lip sweater definitely served it's purpose throughout the entire month.  No matter the situation it always opened the door for conversation about how many men neglect to pay attention to their own health risks.

So what if I looked like more like Lawrence from 'Office Space' than the original plan of having a Selleck-esque mustache.

The important thing is that men know the facts about their own health risks, and if rocking a creeper stache for a while helps, then it's definitely worth it.  So enjoy the progression from day 1 to day 30 and a little something extra . . . you know, for the ladies.