DMX was attacked on stage in Long Beach shortly after he started his performance.

Last week DMX stepped on stage in front of a sold out crowd and started to get them hyped for his performance.

He then figured out why his bodyguards are worth every penny he pays them.

A man jumped on stage from behind DMX and took a swing at him.

Before he could connect, X's bodyguards had him in a 'chicken-wing' and were escorting him off stage.

I'm sure this ended well for the attacker (also read as, they broke his legs).

Look closer at the attack after you watch the video, and see if you notice the way he swings at DMX.  To me it looks like he has something in his hand and is trying to stab X in the neck.

Could this be some sort of attack resulting from a disagreement while DMX was behind bars?

Either way, DMX proved he is one of the best performers in the game by not missing a beat after the attack.