Normally when a member of the Miami Heat is photo bombing someone, it's Chris Bosh and his unusually long neck.  This time D Wade gets in on the action, but Wade put his own twist on it.

Spoiler Alert:  It's a cartwheel!

I wonder what it feels like to have so many superstars on your team, that you can do cartwheels and stuff after the game.

No care for snapping your wrist or ankle, which is a real possibility for the brittle Wade.

The NBA is probably at one of its most uninteresting points in history, and it's because nobody cares about winning and losing anymore.  They only care about becoming famous.  I mean, Wade has a tv show coming out based on his divorce!  A TV SHOW!

So sorry if I'm not all giddy with laughter at Wade's cartwheel . . . an honestly it was poor form PLUS it was hard to see behind Lebron's "5-head".