A California dad has staged a special wedding for his 11 year old daughter just to walk her down the aisle.  Creating lasting memories is very important between parents and small children.  Here is a great example of that.

Jim Zetz, 62 years old, does not have much time left to live as he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  In just 72 hours, Jim was able to plan the staged wedding for his daughter, Josie.  The unique ceremony took place in the family's backyard with friends and family present.

The wedding took place with a lot of emotions for everyone present.  Pastor Galbraith officiated the wedding and told Josie that her relationship with her father is vital.  According to Fox News, Pastor Galbraith said,

“I have an 11-year-old daughter and knew Josie’s birthday was coming up,” Villatoro told the Press Enterprise. “I also knew it would be the last birthday with her dad. If I was Josie, this would be the best gift anyone could give.”

Stories like these are important to remind us on what is important.  This amazing dad is sure in the running for best father of year.  Share your thoughts below in the comment section.