Everyone needs love and Valentine's Day is next week so I have come up with five things to consider when dating someone from Flint.  Residents in Flint need love too so please don't overlook someone from the 810.  Hopefully I can give you some insight on the person you're dating or thinking about dating from Flint.

Putting together this list is not easy to do. I could easily make fun of the less fortunate aspects of my beloved city but I choose to look at the brighter side of things.  Check out the five things to consider when dating someone from Flint.

  • 1

    They Will Be Resourceful

    Residents from Flint are resourceful and know how to get the best out any situation.  With so much negativity in our city, residents are remaining strong and look for better days.  Plus, as residents of Flint, we know how to stretch a dollar.

    Think about all the places in Flint you can get a meal for little to nothing.  I know the meal may not be healthy but you will not be hungry.  To be honest Flint, we need to eat healthier to we can continue to be resourceful.

    You can drive around Flint right now and see several advertisements with 'Buy One, Get One Free' sales.  Sometimes I think Flint invented the idea of the BOGO sales.  It is extremely hard to turn down a great deal and Flint residents know how to bargain shop.

  • 2

    They Will Be Educated

    One positive unique thing about Flint is the number of higher education institutions located in our city.  We have Mott Community College, Baker, U of M-Flint, Kettering, University of Phoenix, and Davenport.  It will be hard press not to find someone worth dating that has not attended one of those schools.

    If you are having a hard time finding someone to date and you're in Flint, you should visit some college campuses.  It says a lot about a person who decides to invest in their future with an education.  Study nights can be profitable date nights.

  • 3

    They May Become Successful

    Flint has produced so many successful people that it will take hours to name them all plus their several accomplishments.  When dating someone from Flint you have to be aware that you are dating someone who has the drive to become successful.

    Numerous residents from Flint have become successful and achieved national to international spotlights.  Most recent Claressa Shields became the first female boxer to win a gold medal in the Olympic games.  Remember the Flintstones at Michigan State in the early 2000s or how about Terry Crews?  I could go on and on about the uber successful people that came from Flint.

  • 4

    They WIll Have Great Stories To Tell

    Living in Flint will give you great stories to tell.  No matter if they're negative or positive, the stories will be entertaining.  The unpredictable weather we experience in Flint will always produce great stories.  Remember in 2012 how the city flooded?  So many people couldn't believe we were experiencing our modern day Noah's Arc.

    Residents from Flint can tell you great stories which may not be true about the Flint River.  Maybe they will decide to tell you about Auto World or about downtown fireworks of old.  You will be entertained no matter the stories because Flint produce unique adventures.

  • 5

    They Will Have Hometown Pride

    When considering to date someone from Flint please know they will have hometown pride.  I get excited to see fellow residents of Flint have pride in where they're from.  With so much violence and poverty in Fli-City, it would be easy to disown the Vehicle City.

    If you're not from Flint, you will not understand the love hate relationship we have for our home.  Please, never say anything bad about our hometown because we will defend it.  Ultimately, know one thing, if you date someone from Flint you will know about their love for the brick street city.