Yesterday the Flint Community Schools received much needed loan to pay teachers for the remainder of the school year.  It has been tough on our beloved school district with students and funds leaving. The school officials are working hard to turn things around. 

The district faces $10.4 million deficit but just received a loan of $5.9 million to prevent payroll checks from bouncing.  In addition to the deficit, the district owes Genesee Intermediate School District $8 million.  I doesn't look great for Flint Community School but they're not giving up.  According to WNEM, board member Isaiah Oliver said,

"Our back is against the wall, and when your back is against the wall, all you can do is fight."

The district is struggling and moving forward in the right direction to find a solution.  A deficit plan has been submitted to the state and the turnaround plan should work if Flint Schools can retain their students.  Board members are meeting again on Wednesday to draw up a plan for staff cuts and changes.