Flint has reached national news again and as you would guess, it is not good.  Our beloved city has made national news for violence and jobless rates.  Now add that we're fat. 

Yesterday (April 10th), I was going through some pictures on Facebook taken at a night club and I wanted to recruit everyone there to join me at Powerhouse Gym in Flint.  It seems like we don't care about how far our stomachs poke out or the number of chins we have acquired.  This could be a result of not having adequate options for outdoor activities due to violence.

According to Weather.com, Flint ranked as the 14th fattest cities in America.  The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index said 'Vehicle City' has an obesity rate of 32.3%.  Here is where you email me and ask me about signing up for a membership at Powerhouse Gym for the low-low.

The media wants to paint our town as violent, poor political decisions, and now being fat.  I'm sure the Crim races have helped our image in living fit but that is just one moment during the year.  Flint, let's get active in our success in turning around our negative stereotypes.

We can do it. Yes. We. Can