Flint residents are very outspoken especially when it comes to children.  A recent inappropriate Deja Vu billboard sparked an uproar that caused the adult bar to take down the ad.

WNEM spoke with several resident about the billboard asking for their opinions.  The majority of the responses said the billboard was "inappropriate."  Many parents drive passed the adult billboard with their children and were shocked to see distasteful ad.

Flint Council Member Wantwaz Davis believes policies need to be in place to prevent such ads from becoming public.

"It's shame on the company, it is, because they thought about themselves, and thought about the profit and the money they're making but they didn't think about the residents in the community."

"We have to let owners know that is something that we cannot allow to go on in our community and allow our children to see stuff like this."

The manager of Deja Vu has taken the billboard down and has apologize to the community.  In addition to the apology, Deja Vu promises to be more sensitive moving forward.