ABC12 is reporting that Flint has tied the murder record number set two years ago on the last day of 2012, with police reporting the 66th homicide.

The victim was found at the corner of Milbourne and Myrtle in Flint.  He was inside of a Mercedes that had crashed through a fence, and apparently had died of a gunshot wound.

There are very few details on the murder since it was just reported at 5:00am this morning, but it raises one question . . . Can Flint go 18 more hours without a murder?

When we asked this question on Facebook two weeks ago nearly everyone thought that Flint would surpass the 66th murder before the end of 2012.  Now with only one day to go, it looks like they might be right.

2012 was a tough year for residents of Flint, and we all grieve for the families that have lost a loved one due to the senseless violence that our city has become accustomed to.