Flint's Claressa Shields made a cameo in Audi's 'Dues' commercial on her birthday.  The Olympic Gold Medalist brought her gloves to the screen while reciting a lyrics from a very famous song.  Again, we're so proud of Shields.

Audi called on several big names to help push their new A3 'Dues' vehicles and Shields accepted the call.  The 'Beyonce of Boxing,' as she has called herself on Twitter, showed up twice in the commercial.  Her appearance is at the 0:08 mark where she moves around the ring saying,

"Time after time."

Shields shot the commercial in February and she told MLive it took her eight hours to shoot her scenes.  Things turned out perfect for the Flint native.

"We shot things over and over in so many different ways," Shields said. "When I think about how the commercial turned out and all of the things they had me do, I was like 'Wow.' They were looking for the perfect scenes and it was a lot."

The theme of the commercial is that Audi A3 'Dues' is a car that built off of 'Stay Uncompromised.'  Each person that makes a cameo sings a lyrics from 'We Are The Champions' by Queen.  The new campaign feature people who were fearless and would not compromise while chasing after their goals.

Claressa Shields will fight in Puerto Rico in May after winning the USA Boxing Elite National Championship women's title in January.  Check out the commercial below and share it with your friends.