Through the cracks of blight and roars of Murder Capital, the city of Flint is breeding a new epidemic. The love of art within Fashion, this creative zest is thriving within the Flint city limits at this time.

No this is nothing new at all but it is something most are not aware of. Thus, it is  necessary for us to support our Local Brands and buy in to the need to see our city thrive one person or brand at a time.

This is just a handful of the talent that is here and the list will go on for sure.


  • Don Smith Collection

    The Don Smith Collection (TDSC) junked off in October 2011. DSC hit the social media head on, it became an over night success by combining a mixture of jewelry accessories and almost anything Don could put his hands on. Don was able to create pieces that were unique, and truly one of a kind. The future is looking pretty junky for The Don Smith Collection.

    Handmade Jewelry and Clothing Accessories for Men, Women and Children of All Ages. 


  • We$tSide Society

    Westside $ociety motivates us to be a LEADER of Society not to be a PRODUCT of. Don’t be influenced by your surroundings, but positively influence your surroundings.

    It’s a working progress and that’s exactly what I want “Jimmie Westside” to show people. That, no matter where you are in your life, there’s a leader ready to come out and help to change your $ociety.

    This means anybody can be a part of the Westside $ociety.

    - Jimmie Westside

    Streetwear Culture for All Ages


  • Fannie Lucille

    Fannie Lucille is the result of Kala Wilburn learning who she was, and where she came from. It is an act of believing and living a dream. The inspiration for this line started while Mrs. Wilburn worked at a shoe store. She realized that everyone wore backpacks, but she never found one that was stylishly chic. This was a problem that she realized was for her to solve. God then showed Wilburn her 5th avenue altitude.

    Women's Fashion and Jewelry Accessories
  • Educated Evil

    Educated Evil is not just a clothing line. Educated Evil is freedom of speech. The freedom to speak out against the injustices and wrong doings of the world, the wrongs of world leaders and politicians, secret societies and wall street, big oil and banks, racism, communist and lobbyist. All evil disguised as good.

    We will speak out against the masses. We will speak out because we can.

    Objective: Our goal is to promote self education of the world events that get swept under the rug by the government and media. We hope to reach as many people as possible and grow our following.
    ~Educated Evil.
    Streetwear Culture for All Ages
  • Oxblood Finery

    Since birth, Zach Lessner took trips to Chicago to visit family. The trips continued, and he became infatuated with the grandeur of the city and the rich style of the men that lived there. He now resides in the Flint area and the history of this once great city fuels his passion for fine mens wear through Oxblood Finery.

    Oxblood Finery has been featured in films such as Semi-Pro & Anchorman 2- which is set for release later this year.

    Vintage and Fine Crafted Mens Wear