Flint's Foreign Allegiance 'Beats and Beers' album is finally available for download and you need to grab it right now.  B. Corder and Benjie are the two producers behind the album that features the like of Jon Connor, Big K.R.I.T., OMG, and many more. 

The producer duo grabbed some of Flint's best artist like Mama Sol and artist like Big K.R.I.T., Dee 1, Jon Coonor who all have major record deals.  Foreign Allegiance delivered an album full singles that is accompanied by creative artwork by James Thigpen Jr.  'Beats and Beer' only has 10 songs on the album and it will be laborious to find a song you do not like.

The producer duo held a listening party in downtown Flint at FAIM Boutique were they detailed the inspiration behind each song.  Many residents and supporters of Foreign Allegiance were in attendance enjoying great music and free adult beverages.

One of my personal stand out songs is Dark Liquor Feelings featuring Tudah (aka James Thigpen Jr.).  I know you'll have several favorite songs from this album so without further delay, download 'Beats and Beers.'