It's the little things that add up especially when it comes to your health. Here' a bit of advice on what temperature of water you should be consuming and why.

Theory’s state that cold water actually causes blood vessels in the stomach to shrink. Actually, room temperature water is better for hydration than cold water. WHO KNEW!?

Doctors say that drinking water at room temperature is better because the body has to use energy to heat the cold water to body temperature which will result in water loss. Studies indicate that the problem with cold water is that as the liquid passes through our system, the temperature solidifies fats from the foods we’ve just eaten and the body in turn finds it hard to digests the unwanted fats from our bodies.

On the flip side of this, people who tend to drink cold water drink more of it than people who drink warm water because it is more satisying. So the cold water that they tend to lose in their bodies will be replaced as they drink a lot of it.