Passengers on a Jetblue flight bound for Las Vegas got more than just an in-flight movie as they had to wrestle down one of the planes pilots.

The FAA said the captain was showing signs of "erratic behavior," so the co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit.  He apparently went into the restroom then came out "foaming at the mouth" and screaming.

According to witnesses, the captain was screaming that there was a bomb on board and started to bang on the cockpit door. Then he started to run down the aisle screaming "say your prayers, say your prayers" until four passengers held him down.

Witnesses said the pilot was also yelling 'they're going to take us down' and ranted about al Qaeda and Iran.

The co-pilot landed the plane in Texas while four men sat on the crazy captain. An off-duty airline captain who just happened to be a passenger on the flight went to the flight deck and took over the duties of the ill captain.

The pilot was taken to a hospital in Amarillo, Texas.

Actual Passenger Footage

Pilot Being Carried Off Of The Plane