I have to admit, Justin Timberlake is back on top of the music game with the follow up song to 'Suit and Tie.'  His latest video for the song 'Mirrors' is like mini movie that you can't stop watching.  It doesn't help that the video is about real romantic love.  Great job JT!

The pop superstar Timberlake takes inspiration from his grandparents for the song and video to 'Mirrors.'  The eight minute long song sends the message of real lasting romantic relationships.  The grandmother in the video reflects back to the days when real love started for her and her late husband.  Flashing back in time, the grandmother looks through mirrors to remember the love she experienced.

During a time when real lasting romantic relationships are not promoted or endorsed, it is refreshing to see people believe in love again.  Nowadays, we hear, see, and promote short lived relationships that are really about lust not the old school way of coming together.  Our society is full statistics saying why marriage isn't the right way to go but I beg to differ.

The visual treatment to 'Mirrors' was directed by The Runaways’ Floria Sigismondi who did an excellent job in keeping each shot fresh and engaging. The video felt as if you were living each moment with the couple.  The video takes a unique twist when Timberlake catches his grandmother's wedding ring before it hits the floor.

It seems as if Timberlake catches the ring to catch himself from evading true love.  While dancing around the mirrors, Timberlake reflects on his own love life.  See, I told you this video is dope and really like a love story, turned into a mini movie.