Rapper Kendrick Lamar said recently in a interview that he doesn't vote. The upcoming rap star Kendrick Lamar doesn't even agree with voting.  In a recent interview he explained his stance on voting.

We are coming up on a critical election for President of the United States of America with Pres. Barack Obama verse Mitt Romney.  Last election we saw several celebrities and artist come out and support President Barack Obama.  I believe that support helped get him into the White House.

Kendrick Lamar is a upcoming rapper that has produced a voice for issue that has substance but recent raised eyebrows with his statements of not voting.  I would have never thought that Kendrick Lamar would turn down the practice of voting especially in a critical time in American history.

You have to watch the footage below to hear him explain why he doesn't vote.  Check Kendrick Lamar out around :45 mark of the video.