Kid CuDi is back and more importantly he's clean! CuDi sat down with MTV to talk about his upcoming rock inspired album "Perfect Is The World" kicking his Marijuana habit and how he wants to look back at his music. Just recently CuDi released a video directed by friend/actor Shia LeBeouf titled "Marijuana" which you can watch here! Also visit Kid Cudi's website where he release new video's weekly and what Cudi had to say below.

On his new single, "Perfect Is the Word":

"I'm very proud of it; it's something that a year ago I wouldn't have ever imagined that I'd be able to do. It's different, I get that. Some people are going to get it, some people aren't. That's cool. I just don't really give a f--- who does and who doesn't. I mean, I care about the people that do, because that means, alright cool, there some people who have an open mind, who are smart and who get art."

On his decision to quit smoking marijuana:

"There were a lot of write-ups where people were just sh--ting on it and there were a lot of people who were like, 'We liked you better when you were on drugs.' It's kinda like, 'Man, OK, well you weren't a fan to begin with so f--- you,' and I like myself better off drugs. So it's about me and it's about evolving and it's about change. It's about becoming a man; it's about becoming mature."

On wanting room to grow:

"Ten years from now I'm going look at my discography and I'm gonna be proud of it. I don't want to be 10 years from now looking at my discography, like, 'Man, I was a f---ing knucklehead when I made that.' "

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