New York schoolkids decided it'd be fun to bully their bus monitor to the point where she cried. This disturbing video of middle schoolers bullying their bus monitor went viral, and is NSFW.

Among the comment that hurt the most, one child's statement that she is so ugly that her "kids should kill themselves" was particularly hurtful. Her son committed suicide 10 years ago.

The children involved have been identified and the school district has responded to the incident.

An online fundraising for Karen Klein -- the bus monitor-- raised more than $93,000 in its first day.

Klein didn't report the behavior and said she figured she had just ended the year on a bad note.

But one of the kids on the Greece Athena Middle School bus captured the incident on a cellphone camera. The video got pulled off of Facebook late Tuesday and was posted to YouTube. By early Wednesday, it had gone viral across the world.

In the video, Klein does her best to ignore the harassment.