It looks like Kobe Bryant and ex-wife Vanessa are giving marriage a second chance!

When the Lakers beat the Atlanta Hawks in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Kobe's ex-wife was at her first game of the season at Staples Center.

Just 61 days ago, Vanessa split up with Kobe and filed for divorce.  She won $75 million and three mansions in a divorce settlement.


A Twitter picture of Vanessa waiting outside of the Lakers locker room after the game quickly made its way around the web, sparking the rumors.

Also helping the rumor gain some momentum were the facts that the game was on Valentines Day, and that she did not have the kids in tow.

It has not been confirmed that they have started living together again, but things do look like they are moving in that direction.

Check out the pics that TMZ posted, including one of the couple kissing after the game.

She sure doesn't look like a disgruntled x-wife in any of these pictures.

So do you think the two should get back together?