According to Complex, Kobe Bryant has settled a lawsuit with a dead man for $75,000. The NBA Laker great Kobe Bryant was sued by Bill Geeslin back in 2005 for an accidental forearm to his chest which he, Bill Geeslin, said resulted in a bruised lung.

Bill Geeslin passed away in 2008 but his estate has gone after Kobe Bryant repeatedly after the courts threw out the case.  Kobe Bryant channeled his Jay-z from the song Paris and said, 'Whats $75,000 to person like me, please remind me.'

The incident stemmed from Kobe Bryant going after a loose ball which led him into the stands where Geeslin was sitting court side.  Kobe Bryant's forearm did hit Geeslin in the chest but on mistake.  Before Geeslin died,  he felt as if Kobe did it on purpose.  I don't think Kobe would purposely injure anyone.

Since Kobe will be making over $20 million this year alone, I don't think this will hurt his pockets.