LeCrae is one of the most notable names in hip hop with a clear message.  After winning a Grammy for his album, ‘Gravity,’ the world has taken notice to his ability to make great music but keep the message of Christianity relevant.   Take a moment and listen in to LV and LeCrae’s conversation.   

In November LeCrae released the highly anticipated mixtape, 'Church Clothes 2'.  The mixtape featured artist from his label and some surprise collaborations like B.o.B., Paul Wall, David Banner, Bun B. and more.  The diverse mixtape proved that the ‘Gravity’ rapper is dedicated to producing quality music without forfeiting his message.

Currently, you can catch LeCrae on tour for Winter Jam.

At the beginning of the interview, LV asked the emcee how he would describe himself to people who may not know who he is.  LeCrae said,

“Well you know I think I am authentic in every sense of the word.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m going to tell/talking about everything I believe in.   I am a strong Christian so you know you’re going to hear that in my music. “

Growing up everyone looked up to someone else and aspired to have their job.  As you would imagine, his interest was in music and he looked up to Diddy and Russell Simmons.  Surprisingly, the Reach Records CEO wanted to be like a famous movie star who starred in several action films.

“… Ironically but weird, I looked up to Bruce Willis.  Like the ‘Die Hard’ movies. I was like I want to do that, it looks amazing.  “

If you are a fan of LeCrae you already know he loves to play basketball.  He’s tall enough to play.  When asked about the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, he shared his opinion on the change up of the format.

“Listen, I can’t do some of the stuff them brothers do so I give them credit. But the way it was all setup, thumbs down.  We got to start all over. “

The rapper, who just so happens to be a Christian, is very intelligent and conscious about his place in hip-hop.   After success on the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, the 'I'm Turnt' artist has the respect of his musical peers.  Check out the entire exclusive interview with LeCrae.  He even talks about reaching the youth of today and more.