Lil Wayne could not remember anything about his criminal record when questioned in court.  Weezy was questioned by Quincy Jones III's lawyer, Pete Ross, about his criminal record.  The responses were funny but maybe more so a good strategy.

Weezy is suing Jones III for a documentary of the making of Tha Carter III album.  From the sounds of things, Lil Wayne wasn't happy on how he was portrayed.  Being very unhappy with the product, Weezy is taking things to court to stop the documentary.

During the questioning, Lil Wayne can't remember anything from his criminal record or musical awards.  It is quite funny actually.  You have to see it to get a laugh out of it. Then another clip shows Lil Wayne allegedly threatening Pete Ross.

Watch the videos of Lil Wayne memory loss on the stand.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. [spotted at TMZ]