I just had a head scratching moment when I found out that Fergie just had a legal name change.  I don't understand why but I truly think this is pointless.

News has broke that Fergie, former legal name of Stacey Ann Ferguson, has received the stamp of approval from the courts to go by Fergie Duhamel.  The pop star says she has her reasons but at this time it is unclear.

Last month the Black Eye Peas singer requested the name change in the same fashion as Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest.  After making the name change notice in the newspaper for four weeks, the pop singer received her wish.

I truly think this is a pointless move because I doubt anyone address Fergie as Stacey.  Unless this is a legal move to keep the Fergie brand alive, this move is pointless to me.

If you could change your legal name to something else, what would it be?  Leave your name change in the comment section below.

via TMZ