A violent, scary confrontation between a group of motorcyclists and a father driving an SUV was caught on tape in New York City.  The whole thing ended with two injured bikers and a hospital visit for the man driving the SUV.

The event started when the driver called 911 about the bikers driving crazy around his SUV.  Things escalated when the riders parked in front of the SUV, and would not allow it to move.  Witnesses say that the bikers were hitting the SUV with their helmets and scraping it with knives.  The driver honked, warned the bikers and eventually ran over one of their bikes, breaking the riders leg in the process.

The bikers chased the SUV for six minutes before trapping it in city traffic, and breaking out the windows with a helmet.  Eventually the driver was pulled from the car and beaten in front of his wife and two year old daughter.

The Police are still searching for the bikers responsible, but haven't made any direct arrests yet.  The debate over who is the victim here has gotten ugly on YouTube.

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