Last night Mariah Carey opened the NFL season with a performance of her latest single 'Triumphant (Get Em).'  Mariah Carey brought along Rick Ross and Meek Mill for her moment in front of everyone tuning in to the Giants verses Cowboys games.

I didn't see the performance live or the game due to watching the Democratic National Convention.  Bill Clinton gave one of the best speeches ever given by a politician in the history of America. I felt the DNC was a little bit more important than the Cowboys and Giants game.

Mariah Carey didn't appear in the performance live until half way through Rick Ross verse which was kind of strange.  There were pre-recorded performance shots of Mariah Carey singing to the music which made me feel as if I was watching a music video instead of live performance.  Once Mimi came out to sing live, my brain went back to normal and enjoyed the performance.

See what I'm talking about below and leave a comment to let me know what you think. I apologize for the terrible quality of the video. I did not produce the video.