Today is the first time I have crowned a group of people as the "idiot(s) of the day."  In Beverly Hills, California a group of moms known as the 'Marijuana Moms' are smoking weed because they seriously believe it makes them better parents.  They have some valid reasons but I don't agree. 

The mothers of this strange group get together and smoke weed to cope with chronic pain and relax their minds.  Not only do the ladies come together to smoke, they eat lavish dinners that are laced with marijuana products.  This must be the other side of the rich and famous lifestyle.

The leader of the ganja moms, 53-year-old Cherly Shuman , believes the drug usage makes them better parents.

"We've all come up against people who say marijuana is for dirty druggies, but we are proof you can be good parents and productive members of society and use it," Shuman said, according to the Daily Mail. "I like to think we are bringing some glamor and exclusivity to marijuana use."

One of the mothers in the group sustained a terrible car accident that lead to her having chronic pain.  She believes the weed smoking saved her marriage and life with her family.  Instead of taking pain medication that turned her into a "zombie," the marijuana helps her deal with the pain and live a normal life again.

"When I found medical marijuana my life turned around," she told HuffPost UK. "I was 37 and I tried a joint my friend was smoking [and] for the first time in years I felt human. I was able to be the wife I wanted to be once again and it saved our marriage."

I have never smoked weed, nor will I ever.  I don't condemn anyone who is a weed smoker, but when children are involved I don't think it's cool to be high and call yourself a productive parent.  I believe the use of marijuana for pain is cool, but just to get together and smoke weed... nah son.  Smoking weed does not automatically qualify you as a good parent.

Do you think the 'Marijuana Moms' have a valid point with weed being the key to good parenting?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.