Dodgers star, Matt Kemp heard the story about Josh Jones and his battle with Cancer.  Things were getting very hard for Jones so Kemp did what he could to help lift his spirits after a game.

Kemp literally gave Jones the shirt off of his back, and a ball, and his shoes . . . you get the point.

Josh recently decided to stop his Cancer treatments according to a story in the LA Times.

"A couple of weeks ago, after a three-year battle with cancer, Jones decided to stop chemotherapy treatments that no longer helped. A group of family and friends had pooled their money to buy four front-row seats so he could see his beloved Dodgers one last time. “This was our one chance to see Josh's favorite team and favorite player,” Ryan said. “It was a special, special day.”"

Josh had no idea that Kemp was going to come over after the game, and no one could have guessed that Kemp would give Josh EVERYTHING he was wearing!  This is one of the really great moments in sports, where the superstar athlete remembers that sometimes just taking the time to recognize a fan is the most important thing.

Salute to you Matt Kemp, and words can't express how much we respect you Josh.   Cancer might win some of the battles, but on this day you kicked cancers ass!