The protest has continued in Ferguson, Missouri over the killing of unarmed Michael Brown.  New developments have been revealed that Brown was the prime suspect in a robbery earlier the day he was murdered.  Things are getting interesting in Ferguson.

Michael Brown was unarmed and gunned down my Darren Wilson on Saturday afternoon.  The shocking action by Wilson to kill Brown has caused an outrage that has gotten the attention of President Barack Obama and other government & civil leaders.  The citizens in the Ferguson area are not going to allow this to swept under the rug.

I have refrained from publicly speaking about Michael Brown until now.  I am outraged that yet another human being has been gunned down by a police officer when other options were available.  The attempt by the police to say Brown was a prime suspect in a robbery is questionable.  Why reveal that now?

I am tired of seeing minorities being mistreated by people who have authority or are privileged.  I am tired of violence in the inner cities like Flint, Chicago, and New York City.  I am just TIRED.