Tonight in East Lansing, Michigan and Michigan State will face off against each other, just like they have many times before.  Tonight's match up will be very different though, because tonight marks the first time that the two teams are both ranked in the top ten.

Michigan comes into the rivalry ranked fourth in the country, while the Spartans are currently ranked eighth. This is a possible Final Four preview since the Big 10 is so strong this year, and could easily have multiple teams in the final weekend.

The in-state rivalry is already a huge game, but some words from Tom Izzo only added fuel to the fire.  He said that while he respects Michigan tremendously, he doesn't like Michigan one bit.

Both teams have shown flashes of greatness, and both have hit stumbling points.  So the big question is, 'Hail To The Victors' or 'Sparty-Nation'?