The idiot of the day award goes to the Michigan man who could spend 10 days in jail for wearing a baseball cap in the courtroom.  This may seem minor but seems to be a trend. 

Ryan Cameron Lasenby was sitting in court awaiting his friends sentencing for over a hour.  During his wait time, Ryan held his hat in his lap. When Ryan stood up to leave the courtroom, he placed his hat on this head.  The judge quickly reminded him hats were not allowed in the courtroom.

Lasenby took the hat off but kept it close to his head as if he was going to place it back on his head.  Just a few steps away from leaving the courtroom, Lasenby placed the hat back on his head and the judge placed him in contempt of court.  Lasenby was ordered to pay $100 in three days or head to jail for 10 days.

I remember in college a classmate was tasered for not removing his hat in a city council meeting.  I think the whole wearing hats in buildings may need to be reenforced.  Typically, I take my hat off in buildings unless my head is cold.  If I am in court, I am not dumb enough to wear a baseball cap.  We have to do better.