It's been almost 3 years since we last had a solo album from (in my opinion) one of Hip-Hop's greatest MC's Nas! Mr. Jones said he is working on his 10th solo album which is yet to be titled. What has Nas been doing you ask? Only winning Emmy's for a sport's documentary he voiced and directed! Check out what Nas had to say in an interview with Billboard about his new project.

"I'm happy about music, it's pushing me back into the studio. I just love what's happening in music: I love Odd Future, Wayne, Drake, 'Ye and Rick Ross. It's something that threatens my position. Or it makes me question what I'm going to do next. What kind of impact do I want have now that I've been in the business this long. It's a challenge, it's scary even. But I'm very comfortable. I'm excited to see what comes out of  me. I'm ready."