This will probably never happen again in life but a New Jersey cop stopped to use the restroom and made a drug bust in the bathroom of a 7-11 store.

Officer Michael Sprung needed to use the restroom so he took a break at a 7-11 convenience store.  While stopping in the restroom, Sprung caught Tolga Gezer rolling his medical marijuana card on a 100 dollar bill on the back of the toilet.  I can't believe he left the door opened to the stall.

Once Gezer turned around, Officer Sprung was standing there looking at him.  Gezer tried to hide the weed but it was too late to recover.  Officer Sprung placed him under arrest for possession of marijuana and being an idiot.

I think it is safe to say that Gezer is the idiot of the day, hands down.  Why are you rolling up a joint in a 7-11 bathroom on a 100 dollar bill?  Anytime we act like true idiots, we place ourselves in danger of being caught.

via Complex