The new video footage shot by an amateur of the San Francisco Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash is surreal and chilling.

The two people who died in the crash were 16-year-old Chinese schoolgirls on a class trip to America.  The plane was flying from Seoul with 307 people on board when it came into the airport at a bad angle and the tail hit the seawall at the end of the runway.

305 people on board survived but local hospitals treated 182 passengers with at least four adults and two children in critical condition. Around 49 are in serious condition and another 123 had various injuries.  The NTSB said that at this point, it is too early to tell what exactly happened.

The pilot was attempting his first Boeing 777 landing

Asiana Airlines said that the pilot in control of the Boeing 777 that crashed in San Francisco Saturday didn't have much experience flying that type of plane and was landing one for the first time at that airport.  The Asiana spokeswoman said the pilot had nearly 10,000 hours flying other planes, including the Boeing 747, but had only 43 hours on the 777.

Fire Truck May Have Run Over Plane Crash Victim

The coroner was alerted by the San Francisco Fire Department "that a fire truck may have played a role in the death of one of the girls."

With a single passenger plane crash in Saginaw County, and a small crash in Alaska over the weekend, are you nervous about flying?