A lot of jewelry was stolen from a Fred Segal Store In and it was said to be stolen by people of Nick Cannon's posse.

So you're probably wondering why someone as rich ad successful as Nick Cannon would be stealing. That is exactly right, Nick didn't actually have anything to do with this robbery, but some posing as a employee of Nick's pull off the heist of a lifetime.

It was reported that a Fred Segal employee in Santa Monica received a call from someone named Mike, he claimed that he worked or Nick Cannon.  Mike then instructed the worker to meet him at a hotel with the several pieces of expensive jewelry. The worker agreed, when she arrived she was met by someone at the front door claiming to be a bodyguard. He then asked for the merchandise and said he would return with the money to avoid taxes.

The worker who was obviously not to smart handed over the good, lets just say shes probably still sitting there.