Mr. Mariah Carey aka Nick Cannon still can let his past go. Cannon talk about his long beef with Rapper Eminem and how the hip-hop star insulted his wife and family! Check out the video below of Nick talking about Em and what a one on one confrontation might be like if the two ever came face to face. All this is probably coming back up because Nick has a new single featuring Akon called "Famous". Eminem already said back in 2010 that he doesn't consider this a "Beef" and Nick should just get over it because he'll never acknowledge it again. Download Nick Cannon's stand up "Mr.Showbiz" and hear everything he has to say about the one going beef with Em and more!

Nick said:

"He'd have too many bodyguards around him. Anyone who insults my wife or my family, I have an issue with. I would have to see where that man actually was coming from. If he was saying, man, this is entertainment, this is something. But if you literally have a problem with me, then we can solve that problem. You've crossed the line a little."

Nick also explained what his grandfather told him when he heard about the beef.

Imitating his grandfather, Nick said:

"'And then you want to go out there and start some hip-hop beef. You know who I'm talking about, with the boy, what's his name, Enema? Eminem. You know who I'm talking about. Nick, why you messing with him for? Ain't he the number one great rapper out there right now doing it? You wanna go and try to beef with him. Oh, and you lost too. Oh yeah you did because he said some nasty, disrespectful slanderous stuff about your wife boy. And what'd you do? You want to go on some d*mn Twitter. What's a Twitter? I got a 9 millimeter, you just tell me where to show up. Tweet, tweet this heat.'"