Omar Epps finally opens up about Tupac and details seeing him 30 minutes before the fatal shooing in Las Vegas.  If you remember, both actors starred in the film, 'Juice.'  Check out Omar Epps talk with Larry King on Hulu. 

Larry King asked the 40 year old actor about his memories of Tupac during their time filming the classic film 'Juice.'  Epps revealed the seldom remembered memory of the 'California Love' emcee. When King asked him did he like Tupac, Epps replied saying,

'Loved him.  Great genuine person.  Charismatic super talented, loyal, down to earth, grounded."

Brooklyn native remembers running into the legendary rapper 30 minutes before his fatal shooting.  The two friends were attending the Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas and happened to be staying at the same hotel.  They saw each other, embraced, and had typical small talk you would normally have with a friend.

Watch the clip below of Omar Epps detail that brief moment with Tupac.