Police in Midland and Isabella Counties are still looking for the person responsible for shooting a woman in her home this morning.

Police told WNEM that an Isabella County couple woke up to find someone in their home. Police say that it could have been two intruders, but are not sure. Reports are that a fight broke out, and the female resident was shot in the stomach.

Police put the area on lockdown, including all schools in the area. The Isabella County Dispatch posted the following message on their Facebook page.

Midland County police gave the following description of the shooter.

The suspect is a 32-year-old man who is approximately 6' tall. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and jeans.

Police are asking anyone with any sort of information about the shooter to contact 911 immediately.


The shooter is still at large, but police have released a name a picture of the man they are looking for.  He is Kenneth Maddux, and his picture is featured below. If you have any details about his whereabouts, please contact 911.