Parents were informed about their daughter's death on Facebook.  A female college student at Valdosta State University was found dead in the study area of her dorm after being dead for 12 hours.  Parents were not notified by the VSU before they found the news out on a friends Facebook update. 

17 year old Jasmine Benjamin was found dead on campus on November 18th and parents claim the school didn't inform them in due time.  Jasmine was found after other students thought she was just sleeping on the couch.  It is unfortunate that no one decided to check on Jasmine but in today's society this is common to keep walking pass.

According to Complex, the step father of Jasmine spoke out against the VSU.

"For someone to be so insensitive not to reach out to the family, it's very, very hurtful to say the least."

This must be a sign of the times we're living in where death notices are revealed on social media websites.  What are your thoughts?