Claressa Shields is not only a Flint native, but she's a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist from Flint. Flint has been showing Claressa love ever since she won her first gold medal, and now thanks to a petition Wheaties might be showing love to her by putting her on the cover of the cereal box.

Claressa Shields has been showing Flint nothing but love and support since winning back to back Olympic gold medals. Coming from a city that has dealt with more problems than any other city in America, its hard to find a shining light and something to give the city hope. Fortunately the city has been blessed with a star that gives Flint the credit it deserves every time she can.

Shields on the cover of the Wheaties box isn't something that should happen, it something that needs to happen. For decades Wheaties has been putting superstars on the covers of their boxes, and Shields is the definition of a superstar. To come from a city where crime, lead in the water, and poverty seem to gloom over us every day, having someone like Shields to show the positive side of Flint needs to be recognized.

The petition has gained over 800 signatures, and without your signature it will just be another petition that gets ignored.

Click here to sign the petition and lets get Shields on the cover of the Wheaties box!